Our Story

Our Strength:

Kingly Gourmet provides you the healthy nuts, both cashew and peanut, each with its own exquisite flavors. We process high quality nuts in the state-of-the-art infrastructure. Relish with our nuts, savor every bite. Our snacks are of the highest quality, healthy, yet are off the beaten track, without the use of oil, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and fortified with vitamins. The best thing about them is that they're not bland. There’s no dearth for flavors either. One flavour for each day of the week and you're set!

Brand Story:

Our Logo-that of a Lion - symbolizes the pride we take in our products’ quality. From the sourcing of ingredients, meticulously bringing them together to create wonderful flavours to packaging them- everything is of the finest quality. The digital illustrations used on the pouch, like the brand mascot and the artistic representation of the flavours perfectly communicate our USP- “Amazingly Good”- to the customers. Packed in a zipper pouch, they are easy to grab and consume-anytime, anywhere! The perfect on-the-go snack!

Business Ethics:

Our Quality Control policies are perfectly tailored to keep in line with our values of creating something incredible out of the ingredients we sourced. Kingly promises to deliver healthy and wholesome snacking options to the global population. Poor diet and lifestyle habits - no wonder a majority of people in this world are ailed by various health consequences. Dine like a king, without paying for the consequences of unhealthy food. It’s very rare to find rich, delicious yet unique tasting snack that does wonders for your body.

Are these scenarios familiar?

In the office mid-morning and so hungry you cannot concentrate, or commuting to work without your morning breakfast? Ran out of snacks in the middle of a long drive and no grocery stores visible as far as the eye can see? In the middle of your sporting sessions, especially cross fitness, just pop a handful into your mouth and continue where you left off. Time Out, Get all the energy you need after your workout! Unexpected visitors? Who doesn’t like variety when it comes to food! Welcome and offer them the delicious cashews and peanuts. Flavours to put you and them in a good mood!

Nuts, spices and other ingredients are combined in a way that the taste of every ingredient is heightened. To this end, each one of our ingredients are carefully sourced and then combined in various interesting ways to come out with truly incredible flavours - that you simply cannot not fall in love with!