Smokey Barbeque Cashews

Smoky and spicy hot cashews with just the right amount of zing and zest to set your tongue wagging! Spices like chillies, garlic, onion and other interesting spices like oregano team together with the cashews to create just the right amount of smoke, heat and burst of flavors!

Cashews, Mixed Spices & Condiments (Chilli,Garlic,Onion ,Cumin,Oregano), Milk Solids,Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein( Soya) , Sugar, Iodized Salt,Acidity Regulators (E330) , Thickener (E415),Anticaking Agents (E551), Dextrin , Vitamins

Contains Permitted Natural Colour (E150 (D) And Added Flavours - Natural & Nature Identical